Construction process

First, the ground foil. Need to cut one of them and paste it to the other. Leave it for one hour until it’s perfectly glued. 

Secondly, you need to make the terminals (link in airports home page) following the well made instructions by the creator. Once you finished the 3 terminals. Join them with glue. Later, let them for an hour. 

The most complicated part are the Jet bridges. You need to cut the connect walkway the cm you need until you reach the terminal. Later build  it. Flowing by the cube building, which you’ll need to paste it to the walkway and later past it to the ground. The hardest part: with some scissors, cut the Gemini Jets Jet bridges until you only have the hole for the Jet bridge itself. Paste it to the jetway as shown on the last picture. Later put the jest bridges... And you will have a finished airport diorama!